EU wants datacenters to be carbon neutral in the next decade

As the energy footprint of the ICT sector is estimated to be between 5 to 9 % of the global electricity resources, the EU Commission noted that datacenters and telecoms “can and should become climate neutral by 2030”.

As noted by the DCD Magazine, two initiatives are already on their way:

  • The EU funded Boden Type DC one in Sweden;
  • The EcoDesign Directive and their fuel-cell gensets.
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    Source: DCD News
    Source: DCD Magazine

    Supercomputers and Cloud technology used to battle Covid-19

    A consortium led by IBM and the White House aims to accelerate the research for a cure to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Using datacenters like IBM’s Summit supercomputer, a consortium composed of the department of energy, national research laboratories, NASA, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Google and Amazon are crunching the numbers in different domains of research related to epidemiology, bioengineering and molecular modeling.

    Source: Le Figaro


    The HELHa has developed the Data Center program in partnership with international academic institutes and industry providers including Google, Facebook and Microsoft in order to meet the growing need for upskilling of maintenantce staff in the industry.

    The purpose of this new program is to provide the Data Center industry with staff who are qualified to provide the proficient and in-depth skills necessary for the technical management and operation of data center facilities.