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The HELHa Engineer college has developed the Data Center program on facilities maintenance in partnership with international academic institutes and industry providers including Google, LCL Data Centers, ABB, Schneider Electric, Group IPS, Technord and IFSB in order to meet the growing need for upskilling of maintenance staff in the industry.

Data center maintenance is crucial because the service needs to work 24h/24h, 7 days a week with optimum energy efficiency, high responsiveness and significant security constraints. The management of these data center requires, for the people who works there, to master technical skills as PLC programmable, electrical maintenance, data operations, method of cooling, quality process…

in partnership with

Google - partner of HELHa datacenter trainingInfrastructure Masons - partner of HELHa datacenter trainingLCL Data Centers - partner of HELHa datacenter trainingABB - partner of HELHa datacenter trainingSchneider Electric - partner of HELHa data center trainingAgoria - partner of HELHa datacenter trainingGroup - IPS - partner of HELHa datacenter trainingTechnord - partner of HELHa datacenter trainingIFSB- partner of HELHa datacenter training

Target Audiences

The purpose of this new certification is to provide the Data Center industry with staff who are qualified to provide the proficient and in-depth skills necessary for the technical management and operation of data center facilities.

  • People working in European data centers,
  • People working at their suppliers,
  • Anyone wishing to have a certification in the datacenter maintenance.

HELHa Data Center Engineering Program - Upskil your competences !


Duration 2 years, 1 year or modules of 12 weeks depending of what you want
Level 7 (EU) Master
Possible career pathway Data center design and operations engineer, Hardware operation engineer, Quality engineer, Sustainability engineer
Methodology Online courses with on-campus lab work on industrial technology
Requirement Technical bachelor (level 6 EU) or validation of learning from experience (minimum 5 years of professional or personal experience relevant to the target program). Feel free to contact us !
Language English (B2)

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Program fee

  • 3500€ per year

Modular Training

    Modular training is also offered under our training tab

Training location

The training consists of online courses and laboratories (one week/year).

The laboratories take place at the HELHa College in Belgium. During the lab week, the students will have the opportunity to visit the LCL Wallonia One Data Center of LCL Data Centers.

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