Training programmes

Training programmes

Name Duration / Type


Data Center Training

Obtain a master’s degree in data center maintenance in two years.

To qualify for entry into this ‘master of Engineering programme’, applicants should hold either of the following qualifications:

  • A Higher Certificate (EU Level 6) award in a related technical discipline;
  • A Senior Trades Craft Apprenticeship in a related discipline and a minimum of 8 years of relevant industrial experience.

Modular training

You have some expertise in maintaining a data center, but not enough time for a full training course?

You may not be able to commit the time right now to study for a full qualification. Alternatively, you may have a technical qualification at this level or higher and just wish to obtain specific knowledge and skills on a particular module.

In either case the solution may be to undertake the study of a specific module or modules.

IT Sligo followup Master’s degree

Do you wish to complete the Master’s degree in data center engineering after completing the It Sligo data center engineering course ?

Complete your Master’s qualification in just one year of study instead of two.